On the way on forgotten rails


KSK-Sonderzug mit SM30 und 3
KSK-Sonderzug mit SM30 und 3 "Donnerbüchsen"
Diesellokomotive SM30
Diesellokomotive SM30

At the end of September we will conduct an excursion on unknown tracks in neighbouring Poland. We will travel on various routes that lost their regular passenger traffic years ago and are now used only for freight traffic. Our special train, consisting of a modern railcar of the Lower Silesian Railway (Koleje Dolnośląskie - KD) of the class SA134 will start in the morning in the east direction at the station Görlitz. First the journey to the border station Zawidów, the former Seidenberg, is in the timetable, before it goes along the Neisse to Turoszów. The power station there still provides extensive freight traffic with impressive diesel locomotives.

After visiting this southwestern tip of Poland, we drive to Leśna (Marklissa) via Lubań (Lauban), by the way a twin town of Löbau. This railway line had it's last scheduled passenger trains in 1992 and freight traffic was also discontinued in 2008, but has since been revived for ballast loading at the terminal station, so that we can still travel there. The return journey to Görlitz leads us finally still over the large railway junction Węgliniec (Kohlfurt).

Our train is operated, i.e. we offer you a snack and drinks. Of course we will also have several photo stops.

The train starts and ends in Görlitz, no boarding at Löbau or other German stations possible.


2. Klasse Sitzwagen
ErwachseneKinder (4-16 Jahre)

Samstag, 28. September 2019


Sonntag, 29. September 2019


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