Motor coach commutes with the Easter bunny over the "Höllengrundviadukt"

April offers all facets of weather, winter or sunshine at mild temperatures are possible. A ride in the "Reichsbahn" - rail bus of the Ostsächsische Eisenbahnfreunde is always an experience, even in snow or rain.

The railcar journeys start at the Löbau railway station and leads via Großschweidnitz. A few meters after the stop, the line branches off to Oberoderwitz, today still used for freight traffic to Niedercunnersdorf. We leave this junction to the left. Then the 148 m long and 17 m high bridge "Höllengrundviadukt" is passed. The stone arch bridge from the year 1847 has 7 arches. It stands at the outlet of an approx. 900 meter long valley which takes up the Großschweidnitzer water. Shortly before Ebersbach, the 151 m long city viaduct offers a good view of the city. The route continues via Jiříkov to Rumburk. There you have a connection to the international local traffic line U28 direction Sebnitz and Bad Schandau.

After a short stay, the return journey begins. You can return on the same train or use another trip for the return journey.

In Großschweidnitz the Easter bunny awaits all little railway fans. For each child he has hidden a surprise.

Combine the Easter ride in the railcar with a short hike. From Dürrhennersdorf you can reach the hill "Kottmar" via marked hiking trails. Rumburk railway station is an ideal starting point for conquering the hill Dýmník (german Rauchberg).


ErwachseneKinder (4-16 Jahre)

10:10 Uhr ab Löbau, 11:00 Uhr ab Rumburk


11:00 Uhr ab Rumburk, 12:10 Uhr ab Löbau


12:10 Uhr ab Löbau, 13:00 Uhr ab Rumburk


13:00 Uhr ab Rumburk, 14:10 Uhr ab Löbau


14:10 Uhr ab Löbau, 15:00 Uhr ab Rumburk


15:00 Uhr ab Rumburk, 16:10 Uhr ab Löbau


16:10 Uhr ab Löbau, 17:00 Uhr ab Rumburk


Departure in Löbau:
10:10; 12:10; 14:10 and 16:10 o'clock

Departure Rumburk:
11:00; 13:00; 15:00 and 17:00 o'clock

Reservations refer to the immediate return journey following the outward journey.

Mitgeltende Bedingungen

OSEF e.V.Maschinenhausstr. 2 02708 Löbau Sachsen