Photo day in the Schluckenauer Zipfel

M131 in Dolni Krecany
M131 in Dolni Krecany
tschechischer Triebwagen M131 mit Beiwagen BDlm
tschechischer Triebwagen M131 mit Beiwagen BDlm

This year we have invited as guest vehicles for our House of Machines Days among others the motor coach of the series M131 ("Hurvinek") and the matching trailer BDlm of the Jungbunzlauer Eisenbahnverein (Mladoboleslavský železniční spolek - MBŽS). The transfer to Löbau will take place on the Friday before the House of Machines Days via Rumburk.

For us, this is the opportunity to use these two vehicles for an extra photo excursion, as they were for decades a defining feature of the rail traffic from Rumburk to the Schluckenauer Zipfel (area around Schluckenau). We will travel from Rumburk on the railway lines Rumburk - Panský - Mikulasovice dl.n., Panský - Krásná Lípa as well as Krásná Lípa - Rumburk - Jiříkov. There will be enough time for us in any case, the train service on these routes only takes place on weekends.

We'll meet in Rumburk and ride in the railcar. Our train then stops for us at the most beautiful photo spots. So you don't have to worry about how to get to the photo spots or where to park your car and you can experience the vehicles from the inside at the same time. Besides there is also a small fitness program, because platforms will not be available at most points, so that getting out and in is a bit difficult.

The train is "decorated" between each stop, because non-payers are of course undesirable.

Access only possible in Rumburk, no shuttle from Löbau. To get to Rumburk please take the bus line 401 from Ebersbach train station (departure 8.34 am) to Rumburk zel. st. (train station).





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